Tools To Simplify Medical Coding

Worried about the 2023 E/M guidelines and the possibility of over- or under-coding?  Don’t want to carry around a CPT book everywhere to access the guidelines?  The 2023 E/M Solutions are the answer.  CHCS offers a variety of tools for individual needs.


Medical Coding Tools to Simplify 2023 Coding Changes

2023 Medical Coding Tools Made Simple

Product Features

Product Features



Made from plastic so they are durable and flexible. They won’t fray at the ends like laminated cards.



Use a wet erase or washable markers to level on it, wipe away, and reuse.


100% USA Product

Made and produced in the USA


Integrated Solutions

Can be combined with all other solutions. 


Individual Coding Tools

2023 E/M Coding Tool

8.5″ x 11″ Medical Coding Tool

Looking for something that has all the E/M categories in one place? Need access to the E/M codes without a CPT book? The 2023 E/M Coding Tool contains all of the information in a single 8.5” x 11” card.

2023 E/M Pocket Coding Tool

8″ x 6.875″ Compact Medical Coding Tool

With this innovative tool, physicians and APPs can easily choose a level on-the-go, saving valuable time and streamlining their workflow. You don’t need to carry the CPT book with this compact quick reference in your pocket. 

Explore Our Bundled Products!

Check out our bundled sets for the most requested items. Be sure to contact us for larger quantities or custom orders that fit your organization’s needs.


Bundled Coding Tools

Big Audit Bundle - Audit Solution + Definitions + Audit Solution Worksheet Digital Download

Coding Essentials Bundle

E/M Coding Tool + E/M Pocket Coding Tool

Combine all the tools an auditor / coder / educator would need for the 2023 E/M changes.

Mini Audit Bundle - Audit Solution + Definitions

E/M Coding Bundle

5 – 8.5″ x 11″ E/M Coding Tools

Great for physicians, auditors, billers, coders.

Mini Audit Bundle - Audit Solution + Definitions

E/M Pocket Coding Bundle

5 – Pocket Tools

Save by ordering one for every physician, provider, and resident.

Mini Audit Bundle - Audit Solution + Definitions

E/M Mix & Match 5 – E/M Coding Tools

E/M Coding Tool + E/M Pocket Coding Tool

Select up to 5 total E/M tools that best fit your needs. Choose from the E/M Coding Tool or the E/M Pocket Coding Tool.

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