Welcome to Mastering 2023 E/M Coding and Guidelines – March 11, 2023

Hey there!

Welcome to the 2023 E/M Workshop.  Glad you could join.  In this workshop, we will dig in to the 2023 E/M changes.

During this 4-hour workshop, we will discuss the following:

  • E/M revisions
  • E/M deletions
  • E/M additions
  • The New MDM Table
  • E/M definitions and how to apply them to the MDM Table
  • Choosing a level of service
  • Documentation necessary to support services reported

We will work through comprehension checks and examples to ensure your understanding of the changes.  Please ask questions, network, and join in the discussions to make the most of this interactive workshop.

Be sure to download the handouts in the “Materials” tab above and complete the CEU Quiz at the end to receive 4 CEUs.

Glad you’re here!


IMPORTANT: Click the “Mark Complete” button after reviewing each section in order to progress to the end of the webinar.